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Buy viagra So the other day I was perusing my local Target and found a plethora of washi tape in the scrapbooking section, buy viagra made by Scotch. Buy viagra So I picked some up for myself.

Buy viagra washi tape from target (scotch brand)

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Buy viagra My oldest son, buy viagra who is 4.5 years old, buy viagra was really attached to the hot pink roll, buy viagra so he clutched that one all the way home. Buy viagra Once we got home, buy viagra he insisted on going straight to my craft room to get one of “mommy’s papers” (aka my mixed media paper stash), buy viagra because he already had a plan for his pink tape. Buy viagra It also involved his little portable drawing board to create “templates” ahead of time.

Buy viagra washi tape template

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Buy viagra So this is what my quirky hyperlexic little guy came up with:

Buy viagra washi tape letters

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Buy viagra And on the backside:

Buy viagra washi tape numbers 

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Buy viagra This kid always cracks me up. Buy viagra Today he decided he was done with my washi tape and instead, buy viagra wants to write his letters and numbers with my distress paint daubers. Buy viagra Apparently crayolas are no longer good enough for him anymore.

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Buy viagra P.S. Buy viagra Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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  1. that kid is so talented. I would have never thought of using wash tape for numbers and letters. this belongs in the Museum of Modern Art I tell you..

  2. Norma Nelson says:

    WOW! what a talented little guy. Following in his mommy’s footsteps! Have been watching your video’s, Ruth. They are awesome! I haven’t been able to find Glue and Seal. Where did you find it?
    A fan, Nori

    • you can find it in your local craft store, i found mine at michaels, in the adhesive section (where all the tape runners are). you can also use mod podge or collage pauge, they are essentially the same thing. hope that helps!