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Viagra fun I’m a little hesitant to share these pages, viagra fun as they are intensely personal to me, viagra fun but they are also pages that mean the most to me at this time. Viagra fun I’m in a challenging situation, viagra fun and no doubt it is in the midst of changing who I am as a person, viagra fun as a mom, viagra fun and as a child of God. Viagra fun And as I am going through this, viagra fun I am journaling my process and the struggles and transformations that are in my heart. Viagra fun It has been humbling, viagra fun to say the least.

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Viagra fun January 27, viagra fun 2014: Hope

Viagra fun “Sometimes some things fall apart, viagra fun so that some things fall together”

Viagra fun Hope (1/27/14)

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Viagra fun January 29, viagra fun 2014: Self-Portrait

Viagra fun “Dear God, viagra fun If I lose my hope today, viagra fun please remind me me that Your plans are better than my dreams”

Viagra fun Self-Portrait (1/29/14)

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Viagra fun February 3, viagra fun 2014: Joy

Viagra fun “The Spirit’s quiet whisper
Bids me bow before Your throne
‘Til my heart’s deepest yearnings
Are the echo of your own.”
(Jennifer Kennedy Dean)

Viagra fun Joy (2/3/14)

Viagra fun This most recent page looks awfully busy, viagra fun but I just went with how I felt. Viagra fun It’s full of bright and “sunny” colors, viagra fun yet it is complex and busy and full of texture. Viagra fun There’s a lot going on in the background. Viagra fun But I felt the theme was “joy”, viagra fun and put a couple verses that spoke to me on this theme, viagra fun on where I’m currently at. Viagra fun Along with one of my favorite quotes on prayer, viagra fun by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. Viagra fun And then in a black pen (blended in the background), viagra fun I journaled a couple verses of my favorite hymn, viagra fun “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”. Viagra fun And the doilies are from my local IHOP (don’t worry, viagra fun they were clean when I saved them). Viagra fun =)

Viagra fun This page is an expression of my journey with prayer, viagra fun which goes hand in hand with a lot of my art journaling (or what you call, viagra fun “heart journaling”). Viagra fun With prayer comes a transformed heart, viagra fun and while the process may not be so smooth, viagra fun the path is filled with blessings and supernatural surprises and of course, viagra fun joy.

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  1. Beautiful. Know I’m thinking of you !!! Miss you too. Karen

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing yourself so freely and openly with us. Be blessed-always.

  3. Norma Nelson says:

    Very touched by your art journal pages, You are in my thoughts and prayers.