Art Journal: Nathaniel’s Rainbow


This is what happens when your child stops napping in the afternoons and insists on going up to your craft room to “do mommy’s art journal”. So I let my eldest son (he’s currently 4.5 years old) have a page. I did the background for him, while he stood nearby, watching in fascination. And then I let him dictate how he wanted to do the rest of the page.

He’s a tenacious little guy, and I thought this photo of him working on the page showed a little bit of that (him gripping the pen tightly).

Drawing letters and numbers is serious business


And here’s the final page layout:

Nathaniel's Rainbow


What cracks me up is that every time I tell him to write his name and the date on something, he has to write it like he’s doing a worksheet. Kind of like the card he drew for my husband last year for Father’s Day. He was 3 at the time.

Nathaniel's Father's Day Card (2013)

There are so many things in this family portrait that crack me up (like the fact that he insisted that he was the only one with clothes). But I digress.


Here’s the video of us putting the art journal page together. He wanted to watch the video a dozen times because he was enamored with seeing his head and his arms on the computer screen.



  1. Nathaniel is the only kid i know who does art journaling. I’m excited to where this will lead him in his art career/hobby. Ruth this is so awesome – j and I enjoyed watching it thoroughly. J talks about Ruth videos all the time!!

  2. Wow! Life doesn’t get any better than that does it? I am so impressed Ruth. You get a definite 10 for the video, and Nathaniel gets a definite 10 also. Way to go Nathaniel on your first art journal page! :-)

    Love and Peace,

    Peggy L

  3. Norma Nelson says:

    So precious!

  4. I love this art journal page and especially the joint work that went into it. Nathaniel definitely has a creative spirit!!

  5. What a smart boy! And he writes so neatly. I love his journal pages and the video of him making them.

  6. His penmanship amazes me :)