CASE: New House Card

A couple friends have moved into different neighborhoods (we will be following suit in the near future), so I found a super cute card on pinterest, and had to replicate it!

CASE: New House Card


A close-up of the layers:

CASE: New House Card







Taylored Expressions – Welcome Home

Taylored Expressions – Neighborhood Border

Taylored Expressions – Build a House

Taylored Expressions – Build a Scene, Rolling Hills

Taylored Expressions – Grass Border

VersaFine Ink, Onyx Black

Paper – various leftover cardstock scraps


Priscilla’s Mini Canvas


A mini canvas for my sister! She’s an MFT, so I thought she would appreciate the theme.

P's Mini Canvas


Kind of like an ATC. The little easel was too cute.

P's Mini Canvas


A verse in the back.

Mini Canvas back


And a little personal message from me, on the inside. =)

Mini Canvas back


Art Journal: Beautiful Boys


I made two art journal pages; one for each of my sons. I haven’t been card making much because I have been pouring myself into my art journal and keeping occupied with my kids and what’s been going on with them. Currently, I am pretty close to finishing my first art journal (doing the covers right now), so maybe I’ll be able to share that once it’s all put together.


So here is the page about my older son, Nathaniel. He’s currently 4.5 years old. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, or my videos on YouTube, you have have come across some of his own artwork. He’s made a card (video here) and an art journal page (video here). He’s a special little guy – quirky, tenacious, innocent, sensitive, and scary smart. His favorite stamp company is Lawn Fawn, and his favorite stamps are Lawn Fawn’s Quinn’s ABCs and 123s. He loves pouring over a teacher’s supply catalogue, a Lego catalogue, or the latest Dick Blick catalogue. He is in love with anything numbers and math-related, it makes him absolutely giddy.

Art Journal: Nathaniel (full page)

I’m not totally in love with the colors of this page and how saturated it is, but at the time that I made it, I was pouring out my heart and how I felt. He was recently diagnosed with autism, and as any mother who worries over anything and everything with their children, I was overwhelmed. It has been 6 months since the diagnosis and I am still processing through it, but I have a lot more peace about it now.

Art Journal: Nathaniel (title)

I wanted to convey on paper how much of a gift my son is. His name, Nathaniel, means “gift of God”, and his name is especially poignant for this particular time. At the time of the diagnosis, I was grieving with how my son could be “broken”, and what his future would be like. I was so overwhelmed and frantic and worried, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I read books that scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t function among my regular mom friends or any other friends, for that matter. I couldn’t bear to see other “regular” kids or “regular” moms.

Art Journal: Nathaniel (Psalm 139:13-14)

After shedding a lot of tears before God, and pouring over my art journal, God healed my heart and reminded me that my son was not an afterthought, devalued or “damaged”. He was created with a purpose, and he is beautiful as he is. Of course he will need supports and help along the way, (we are getting them now) but my little boy is no less than who he is made to be. He is beautiful the way he is, created with purpose and intention. And so I added verses that spoke to this conviction.

Art Journal: Nathaniel (Ephesians 2:9-10)


*                    *                    *                    *                    *


My younger son is Jeremy and he is 2.5 years old. As much as his older brother is serious, structured, and likes to keep to himself, Jeremy is an independent little guy who loves people, tickles, cuddles, wrestling, running around, playing with anything and everything, and loves to laugh. He also adores his older brother and copies him in nearly everything. He is always looking for ways to play and interact with Nathaniel. Sometimes he can be the typical little annoying brother, but I see how much he loves his brother and desperately wants to be just like him.

Art Journal: Jeremy (full page)

I want to move away from the heavy saturated color and learn about utilizing white space on my pages. I’m also trying to figure out composition and color palettes/theory. So I chose a color theme and went for it. Not bad for the first try?

Art Journal: Jeremy (center)

I saw a Donna Downey stamp set and felt like it fit with the theme of this page. One day Jeremy will have his own identity and hopefully won’t be lost in the shadow of his older brother. He is absolutely pure sunshine and joy, his laugh is infectious, and he has his own beautiful and unique gifts (his potential is limitless!). His name means “God will uplift”, and he definitely has grown into that definition.

Art Journal: Jeremy (title)


A Daniel Tiger Birthday


My 3 year old niece had a birthday party a couple weekends back, and it was just too cute not to share. My sister-in-law did a terrific job (as usual). We got the invitation in the mail and my kids went nuts over the theme, and we lost the actual invitation soon after (a result of them playing with it so much). Here are a couple pics:

A birthday banner:

birthday banner


A reading station:

Daniel Tiger book station


A coloring station:

Daniel Tiger coloring station


The food table sign:

Daniel Tiger food station


The food was too cute! Here are a few pics of some of the food.

Little bear sandwiches:

Daniel Tiger bear sandwiches


Cheese crowns:

Daniel Tiger cheese crowns


Tiger tails!!!

Daniel Tiger tiger tails


Daniel Tiger cake, made from scratch:

Daniel Tiger cake


The gifts station:

Daniel Tiger gifts station


The front display, where the favors were (fun character masks, a paper activity, and cookies)

Daniel Tiger favors/front display


The cookies!! How cool is that?

Daniel Tiger cookie favors


My sister-in-law planned fun little games for the little kids. Here is my 2 year old, trying to pin the tail on Daniel. He was a little confused with the blindfold at first, but understood quickly and won the game, lol =)

pin the tail on Daniel Tiger


A really fun cardboard trolley. The kids loved playing with it.

kids in cardboard trolley


And lastly, here’s my 4 year old, writing the card and decorating the envelope for his cousin. He wanted to make it extra special. I cannot emphasize enough how ecstatic the boys were about this birthday party. =)

N writing birthday card/envelope


The envelope:

Calleigh's bday envelope


The card interior:

card interior


Art Journal: Nathaniel’s Rainbow


This is what happens when your child stops napping in the afternoons and insists on going up to your craft room to “do mommy’s art journal”. So I let my eldest son (he’s currently 4.5 years old) have a page. I did the background for him, while he stood nearby, watching in fascination. And then I let him dictate how he wanted to do the rest of the page.

He’s a tenacious little guy, and I thought this photo of him working on the page showed a little bit of that (him gripping the pen tightly).

Drawing letters and numbers is serious business


And here’s the final page layout:

Nathaniel's Rainbow


What cracks me up is that every time I tell him to write his name and the date on something, he has to write it like he’s doing a worksheet. Kind of like the card he drew for my husband last year for Father’s Day. He was 3 at the time.

Nathaniel's Father's Day Card (2013)

There are so many things in this family portrait that crack me up (like the fact that he insisted that he was the only one with clothes). But I digress.


Here’s the video of us putting the art journal page together. He wanted to watch the video a dozen times because he was enamored with seeing his head and his arms on the computer screen.