Flat Stanley/Simon Card

My 3 year old recently participated in a Flat Simon exchange (originally Flat Stanley, but this particular one was renamed). =) He had loads of fun taking him to places, and it gave us the opportunity to talk about where we live and where we are on a map. Here are a few places we took him to, based on where we (and our extended family) live.






My son was sad to give up Flat Simon, so I told him we could make a special card/holder for Flat Simon to travel in, as he goes to his next destination. And then we would make our own “Flat Simon” to keep, but make him Asian looking, just like my son, so he could have his own flat version of himself. He was ecstatic at that idea. So that’s what we’re supposed to do tomorrow. =)


Here’s the card we made:

Flat Stanley/Simon Card


The little holder on the inside – holds Flat Simon and a little note for the next recipients:

inside pocket

inside pocket contents

(Sidenote: I’m not loving the smeared heart – looks a bit morbid. But my son really wanted it that way. Oh well…)







Baby Onesies Card


For a friend who is expecting her 3rd very very soon. =)

Baby Onesies Card front


I opted to clear emboss the clouds instead of white emboss, for a more softer look in the sky.








(not shown: Colorbok Beach House 12×12 paper pad)


Watercolor Floral Mother’s Day Card

A mother’s day card for a friend. =)

Watercolor Floral Mother's Day Card


I clear embossed the images, watercolored them, and then ironed off the embossing — leaving a flat white outline of the images where the embossing used to be. I saw this technique with one of Jennifer McGuire’s cards, and I wanted to try it out myself. Loved it!

Bottom left corner

Top right corner







Markers used –

Greens: Tombow #192, #195, #158, #245
Reds/Pinks: Tombow #847, #772, Distress Marker Barn Door
Yellow/Orange: Tombow #925, Distress Marker Spiced Marmalade
Blue: Distress Marker Tumbled Glass

Christmas 2012 – Week 8

This was one of those cards that started off fabulously in my head (and in my sketch book) but somehow did not translate onto paper the way I thought it would. After some stressing over it, I decided just to let it be and let you judge for yourself. I do like it overall, it just did not end up the way I had originally intended for it. I have to just get over my general disappointment in that area.



As for the video, I paired it one of my favorite Christmas songs sung by Amy Grant, called “Welcome To Our World”. This song brings me to tears every single time, and even more so, now that I am a mom and thinking of my own little babies. I felt like the song fit the “feeling” of this card pretty well.



(not listed – baby wipes) 


Christmas 2012 – Week 6

This week I took a stamp and did it 3 different ways.



The stamp is Hero Arts “Merriest Christmas Wishes”, and it is a whole lot of surface area… so you can do different things to it.  There are some fun ideas out there so I wanted to try my hand at some of them too (particularly the last card on the right).


On a separate note, I finally was able to figure out perfect pearls:

I stamped with versamark, lightly brushed the perfect pearls over it, and lightly misted it with water to set (I misted in the air and wafted the paper in the mist). And it set! Yay! Love the subtle sheen there. Previously I had a hard time getting it to set… I’m not sure what I did differently this time, but it worked!


The video is a little longer than usual, but I did try to truncate it the best I could, with three cards in there. For your convenience, if you want to skip to any particular card in the video:

CARD #1 starts at: 0:20
CARD #2 starts at: 4:16
CARD #3 starts at: 7:02


Supplies used:


Card #1:


Card #2:


Card #3: