Floral Bouquet Card (Inktense Watercolor)


This card is relatively simple and straight forward, nothing too complicated. I love Inktense pencils, and the vibrancy of their colors once they are in contact with water. And it doesn’t take a lot of water either, which is why I used only regular cardstock and not watercolor paper.


Floral Bouquet Card


A close-up of the bouquet:

bouquet close-up


A close-up of the porcupine (isn’t he cute??):

porcupine close-up


In the video, you’ll see how I use these pencils. I color the images enough to get the pigment in the right places, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, since it will be blended with water anyways. I do shaded areas with darker colors. And when I add water, I make sure to make the brush tip damp but not *too* wet, since you don’t need a lot of water at all. I dab my brush tip on a baby wipe/paper towel quite a bit to take out the excess water, for better control of the color movement. And I always start with the lighter color FIRST, and then slowly work my way into the darker color (not the other way around). If you do the reverse, the colors will run together and it will be all just one color (the darker color).

For those who have been following my card posts/videos, you can tell that I am partial to the watercolor/imperfect look, which adds to it’s overall charm (in my personal opinion). =)






Gelatos Ombre Background


This is a cat sympathy card. I’ve never made one before, and all the ones out there seemed cheesy or over the top. I wanted to capture a quiet but beautiful and reflective somberness, and this is what I came up with.


Gelatos Ombre Card


And I ended up writing the sentiment by hand, inside the card:

card interior - handwritten sentiment


I ended up pretty happy with the result. (And of course, who doesn’t like playing around with gelatos, right?)







Flat Stanley/Simon Card

My 3 year old recently participated in a Flat Simon exchange (originally Flat Stanley, but this particular one was renamed). =) He had loads of fun taking him to places, and it gave us the opportunity to talk about where we live and where we are on a map. Here are a few places we took him to, based on where we (and our extended family) live.






My son was sad to give up Flat Simon, so I told him we could make a special card/holder for Flat Simon to travel in, as he goes to his next destination. And then we would make our own “Flat Simon” to keep, but make him Asian looking, just like my son, so he could have his own flat version of himself. He was ecstatic at that idea. So that’s what we’re supposed to do tomorrow. =)


Here’s the card we made:

Flat Stanley/Simon Card


The little holder on the inside – holds Flat Simon and a littleĀ note for the next recipients:

inside pocket

inside pocket contents

(Sidenote: I’m not loving the smeared heart – looks a bit morbid. But my son really wanted it that way. Oh well…)







UP House Card


An encouragement card, cased from here.


UP house card


Close up of the house and the balloons:

UP house card








Quick Weekend Cards


A few cards I whipped up for the weekend! I took these photos from my phone, I was in a pretty big rush to get these done for all the birthday parties/events this weekend.


This one is a cased card (original here):



My usual little boy card, slightly varied:



This card is a work-in-progress. I whipped it up fast because I was in a rush, but in the future, I think I’ll probably alter the design a little bit more. Some of the elements don’t really flow as well, but for now, it’s good enough, I suppose.