Penny Black’s The Manger

Trying to get back into the swing of things. I had a lot of plans for a Christmas card series again this year, and was poised to get started this past September, but a few life events happened and I lost my mojo. I’m trying to get my mojo back.

So here’s a fairly straight forward card. I needed something to watercolor, to relax me. =)


Penny Black's The Manger Card


A close-up:

The manger - close-up









Flat Stanley/Simon Card

My 3 year old recently participated in a Flat Simon exchange (originally Flat Stanley, but this particular one was renamed). =) He had loads of fun taking him to places, and it gave us the opportunity to talk about where we live and where we are on a map. Here are a few places we took him to, based on where we (and our extended family) live.






My son was sad to give up Flat Simon, so I told him we could make a special card/holder for Flat Simon to travel in, as he goes to his next destination. And then we would make our own “Flat Simon” to keep, but make him Asian looking, just like my son, so he could have his own flat version of himself. He was ecstatic at that idea. So that’s what we’re supposed to do tomorrow. =)


Here’s the card we made:

Flat Stanley/Simon Card


The little holder on the inside – holds Flat Simon and a littleĀ note for the next recipients:

inside pocket

inside pocket contents

(Sidenote: I’m not loving the smeared heart – looks a bit morbid. But my son really wanted it that way. Oh well…)







UP House Card


An encouragement card, cased from here.


UP house card


Close up of the house and the balloons:

UP house card








Teacher’s Appreciation, Part 2


Surprise! A scrapbook page!

This was a collaborative effort between myself and my 3 year old, for his teacher. In truth, it was my first real scrapbook layout, and it took me nearly a week to figure out a sketch, and then a handful of hours to put it together. Here is the entire page on my cutting mat:


page WM


Snapshots of my son and his teacher:

pictures WM


The title:

title WM


My son wrote out a little something for his teacher, and drew a little picture too =)

mini letter WM


drawing WM


I put the page in a shadow box:

frame WM



It came out a little busier than I had anticipated, but that’s probably because I purchased an 8×10 frame, and I had to scale everything down. I’m still a newbie with composition, so I struggled with trying to figure out a layout that was interesting to the eye, yet well balanced. I don’t know how successful this went, but in the end, it is a gift and I hope Ms. Bianca likes it!

Teacher Appreciation, Part 1


A card for one of my son’s favorite teachers, who is moving away at the end of the school year:


Teacher Appreciation Card


We’re so bummed about having to say goodbye!







(Tombow Markers used: #847, #245, #933, #942, #992, #969)