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Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 Wasn’t able to fit in all the homemade gifts in that last post. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 I’ve been pre-washing all the clothing and sheets we were gifted and wow there’s a lot of stuff. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 This post is solely dedicated to the handmade gifts lovingly made by my good friend Leslie.

Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 First, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 she made a double sided UCLA fleece blanket. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 Hubby was ecstatic about the UCLA print. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 After all, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 UCLA is near and dear to his heart. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 Plus, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 the blanket is SOOOO soft!! (We know it’s intended for the baby, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 but we just may steal this for ourselves instead haha)
UCLA blanket

Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 The underside of the blanket:
UCLA blanket (backside)

Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 And a matching baby hat to go with it! Too bad it doesn’t fit Hubby’s head. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 I would have made him wear it all over the house… haha!
UCLA hat

Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 And then a very pretty nursing cover for me. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 I love the print!!
Pretty nursing cover =)

Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 And lastly, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 this is not really homemade, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 but I appreciate it just the same – Hello Kitty socks! For my hospital stay!
HK hospital socks! Yea!

Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 Thoughtful, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 handmade, sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 personal. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 We love it. Sinequan 10mg pills $323.00 Thanks Les!!

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Tofranil 25mg Pills $162.00

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Because this blog is on crafterly things, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 how could I not show of some of the wonderfully handcrafted baby items recently gifted to me?? Because I understand how much time and love it takes to make a handmade item, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 it means so much more to me. Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Here are a couple of handmade things I love:

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 A handspun, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 handknit, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 and handsewn Baby Surprise Jacket!
jacket front

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 It’s reversible too, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 with a very cool lining. Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 I absolutely love the colors:
open jacket

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Complete with Cheri’s etsy shop label (so professional and clean looking too! So impressive!):

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 (Visit her etsy shop here for all things children’s apparel, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 handspun yarn, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 and other gifts: Enchanted)

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 * * * * *

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 And then there is a quilt that was put together by my high school friend Karen:
Karen's Baby Quilt - folded

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Karen's Baby Quilt - spread out

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Aren’t the colors gorgeous?! I am so in love with this blanket, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 I know it will be one of my favorites. Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 I was so touched by all the time and effort she put into this. Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 And it has a yellow fleece underside:
Karen's Baby Quilt - yellow fleece side

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 And another delightful label lovingly placed at the edge:
Quilt Label

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 * * * * *

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Lastly, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 handsewn baby leg warmers by Esther! Aren’t they adorable??
Esther's Handsewn Baby Leg Warmers

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 And just for kicks, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 I always love the gifts given by other fellow moms, tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 who are always thinking practically.
OXO Brite

Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Love the handwritten note on top. Tofranil 25mg pills $162.00 Thanks Esther! =)
OXO Brite note

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Verapamil 240mg Pills $83.00

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 Have you guys seen Amy Karol’s (of Angry Chicken) new book? I preordered it on Amazon awhile back, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 and it just arrived this week:

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 Amy Karol’s “Bend The Rules Sewing”

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 I love love love this sewing book. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 It has a ton of fun projects, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 and here are just a few to wet your palate (click on thumbnail for a close-up):

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 The Zip Pouch Simple Tote Heidi Headband The No Cash Wallet Artsy Clutch Charming Handbag Pleated Beauty Handbag Clever Coasters Amazing Tea Towel Apron Apron Pockets Simple Bib Scalloped Baby Blanket

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 Of course, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 these are just some of the pictures of the projects I really liked. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 There are also pillow patterns, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 an easy quilt, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 table runners, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 placemats, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 teapot cozy, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 dog collars, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 you name it. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 Lots of fun stuff. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 And not only does it have fun and easy patterns, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 a good third of this book has tutorials for beginning sewers – from basic tools to fabric know-how to basic hand sewing techniques. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 The way she writes is very organized, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 detailed, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 and practical. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 LOVE it.

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 ***

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 And on a totally different note, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 I’ve made my very first few pieces of jewelry (with real pearls and swarovski crystals). Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 I proudly showed my hubby my creations, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 and he launched into a whole discussion on how I can totally make money from this and he proceeded to give me a very detailed business plan and approach. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 I took a step back and said, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 WHOA there fella, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 this is just my first couple of bracelets/earrings! Who knows what will happen? But I’m flattered that he supports my crafts/creativity 110%, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 and thinks I have alot of talent.

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 Pearl bracelet & earrings set

Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 Of course, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 I have to practice learning how to photography jewelry properly. Verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 It’s so much harder than photographing a simple knit or sewing project! No handheld snapshots, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 this definately needs a tripod, verapamil 240mg pills $83.00 as my hand isn’t steady enough.

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Augmentin 375mg Pills $171.00

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Don’t you just love friends? Especially when they come bearing gifts.

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Yarn!

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Goodies!

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Yummies!

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Thanks to the lovely and generous Rain… THANK YOU! I have projects in queue with those yarns in mind, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 and I especially love the food items! I’ve already used one packet already. Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 And the mango gummies…. Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 I think I found my favorite gummy candy now. Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 If only I can find this in the States…

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 …

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 And of course, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 beyond receiving gifts, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 it’s always nice to give as well. Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 I was recently in a secret pal exchange with my local SnB group, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 and boy was that fun! I got so many great goodies (thanks Marin!)! Sorry to say, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 I don’t have pictures of my received gifts and alot of my own gifting, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 but the only thing I have was something I whipped up super fast last week. Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 May I present, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Amy Butler’s Swing Bag! With zippered pockets!! (The zippered pockets on a reversible bag was a big deal for me, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 being a newbie with my zipper foot)

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 The recipient, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 a good friend (hi Lacy!), augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 is a collector of all things parrots:

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Lacy’s Swing Bag

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 A zipper pocket (yea!):

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Zipper pocket

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 The interior (see the other zipper pocket in there?):

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 The bag interior (reversible side)

Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 This pattern was by far the easiest bag I’ve ever done (did I mention that this was a reversible bag??). Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 =) I’m in the midst of making one for myself – I couldn’t resist. Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 I’m usually a small bag kinda gal, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 but this bag is sturdy, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 roomy, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 practical, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 and I just love it. Augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 Next week, augmentin 375mg pills $171.00 watch out the completion of another one! Yippee! =)

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Triphala 60 Tablet Bottle $313.00

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Yes, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Little Miss Squirrel has a friend!

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Squirrel and Bear

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 I haven’t decided whether this little dark bear is a boy or a girl. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Hubby votes for girl because the little blue outfit looks too much like a dress. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 And my triple french knots for the eyes weren’t big enough – resulting in really shocked looking eyes. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 =P

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 A bear reflection

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 A bit on the thin side, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 so I tried to see if this little Bear could make a good bookmarker. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 It didn’t look so good (especially with the bugged out looking eyes):

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Bear bookmark

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 (P.S. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 The Lonely Guide Kenya book we just purchased – yes, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 we’ll be going there soon! Details to come later) These little stuffed felt animals are fast, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 cute, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 and addicting to make. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Definately great if you need an instant gratification project (which is what I need now!). Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 =)

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Lastly, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 I made one of my favorite potato dishes – scalloped potatoes!

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Homemade Scalloped Potatoes

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 I love it creamy and cheesy, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 even though it is so NOT healthy. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 In this recipe, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 however, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 I thinned out the cream with nonfat milk, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 and it made a big difference in how it tasted -lighter, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 not so heavy – but still really yummy! I also parboiled the potato slices in the cream/milk beforehand, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 so it would cook faster/more evenly in the oven. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Yummy! (The pan, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 on the other hand, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 was a sucker to scrub afterwards.)

Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 P.S. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Comments Update – Alot of you may notice that there has been an error message when commenting on my posts. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Happy to say, triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 I think I finally fixed it. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 Do let me know if it pops up again or not! Thanks! =)

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