nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves

Our advanced nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves are 19x stronger and 50% lighter than their cordierite counterparts, and ideal for Electric, Gas, or Soda firing kilns. They offer excellent glaze resistance. These shelves are designed to remain flat over many firings and save space in your kiln by being thinner than cordierite shelves.


nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves are extremely high performance ceramic material with numerous applications in ceramic kilns. This versatile material offers exceptional strength and durability while remaining light enough to be used with all kiln types, even those that contain heavy loads.

Our LO-MASS advanced nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves are 19 times stronger and weigh half or less than traditional 1″ thick cordierite kiln shelves; they can be used in electric, gas or soda kilns without warping after repeated firings or heavy loads. They feature flat designs to save stacking time and energy; their use saves energy as they remain flat after multiple firings without warping or sagging over time.

Low surface porosity shelves (less than one percent). This feature makes them particularly suitable for soda firing as the soda will flow off the shelf without soaking into soft brick and creating an electrical short or shock risk, as well as making cleanup after firing easier than with conventional cordierite shelves that typically require time-consuming grinding processes.


Nitride-bonded silicon carbide bricks can be cast into an astonishing variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles, making them the ideal material for process furnace and kiln furniture applications. Furthermore, nitrogen-bonded silicon carbide boasts excellent strength and creep resistance qualities that enable beams made of this material to span greater distances than their oxide-bonded counterparts.

Nitrogen bonded silicon carbide boasts excellent chemical properties, resisting acids and molten salts as well as the wetting by non-ferrous metals. Therefore it makes an excellent choice for components in processes such as aluminium melting as well as monolithic cyclone liners. Shelves made from nitride-bonded silicon carbide are much thinner than cordierite shelves, drastically decreasing their thermal mass and energy costs while eliminating rotation requirements and glaze drips and releases easily from these shelves reducing wasteful rotation times.

High Strength

nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves are extremely strong. They can withstand thermal abuse that would shatter conventional clay shelves and are designed for long shelf life.

Aluminum sheets make an excellent choice for gas fired oxidation and reduction kilns used extensively in production studio kilns, as well as soda firing applications because they are less susceptible to sagging under the weight of soda, as well as being capable of handling higher temperatures associated with these types of kilns.

ADVANCER kiln shelves are only 5/16-inches thick, saving space in your kiln while enabling higher temperatures than with conventional 1″ cordierite shelves. Their lower mass and thermal conductivity allow shorter firing cycles reducing energy costs and improving productivity.

Make sure to switch off the electric source when loading or unloading a nitride bonded silicon carbide shelf from the kiln elements when loading or unloading, as it conducts electricity and may result in an electrical shock. Furthermore, take extra caution not to damage its surface with tools which could come into contact with an element and could cause an electric shock.

Long Life

Silicon carbide is an exceptionally durable material, maintaining its load-bearing capacity even at extreme temperatures. Furthermore, its wear resistance makes it highly adaptable when formed into intricate forms and its chemical resistance makes it perfect for harsh chemical environments – which explains its widespread usage as cast refractory material in mineral processing plants, coal plants and for slurry pump components. Nitride-bonded shelves are lightweight and easy to lift into and out of a kiln, while their thin profile also enables top loading kilns to stack them more conveniently. nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves feature an extremely smooth surface to help stop glaze drips from adhering like they can with conventional cordierite or soda fired silicon carbide shelves, but for best results it is still recommended using a layer of kiln wash (a mixture of silica sand, alumina hydrate and kaolin) between your shelves and pots during glaze firings to prevent them from adhering directly to them. A layer of kiln wash may also prove helpful during wood firings by helping prevent excessive moisture penetration through to prolong shelf life and maintain stable temperature levels more easily.

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