Pure & Holy Passion

April 26th, 2015 by Ruth

Give my kids one pure and holy passion

Give them one magnificent obsession

Give them one glorious ambition for their lives

To know and follow hard after You

Glimmers of Hope

April 6th, 2015 by Ruth

1. Based on the latest parent-teacher conference, we are not getting kicked out of N’s school. In fact, for the first time, staff/administration is excited about N’s recent gains and hopeful for his future. For those who know our story personally, this is a really big deal.

2. I had a bad accident in the kitchen while preparing for a church Easter event. It was a brand new knife, and it was a pretty deep cut. We threw the kids in the car and W drove me to the nearest urgent care that was open at that hour. The plus is that I didn’t hit a tendon, I can still move my thumb! The minus is that I had to have lots of stitches, but no infection and seems to be healing well. I’m even able to avoid pain meds so far! My long to-do list is out the window for the next 10 days, but W says this is God’s way of teling me to slow down. So I’m trying my best to go with it (but it’s hard, lol).

3. I see God doing a mighty work in a friend’s heart. A faith decision in the possible near future. A reminder that the things I see on the surface, is nothing compared to what is going on in the spiritual realm. And to continue to keep my eyes peeled for divine appointments/spiritual opportunities.

4. I shared the full Easter story with N this past Friday (Good Friday). I was careful to pick a kid version, seeing how much of the concepts it he can cognitively grasp. Even with the muted version, he cried over the story. I asked him whether he was sad because Jesus died. And he said, well, mostly because he was hurt badly before he died. I was proud that he could verbally articulate why he was sad, and the evidence of a big sensitive heart full of empathy. I encouraged him to read on, as it was all part of God’s plan, as the story gets better, and something much better comes out of it. I don’t know how much he actually understood, but we were able to dialogue about it in a productive way since then, and throughout the weekend (and hopefully continuing on from there!)

Daily Manna

December 9th, 2014 by Ruth

Everyday I rely on God for sustenance and strength to stay afloat. I ask God to use His Word and His Presence to daily transform my eyes in everything I see.

This past weekend N was invited to a couple classmates’ birthday parties. I was ecstatic that other classmates saw N as a friend, even if N was unaware of these social connections himself. But it was so difficult to see him with his peers at these social gatherings. The differences are starting to be unmistakable. And at one point, mean spirited teasing ensued and N was unaware that it was happening, and that his disability was the actual target. I was conflicted on what to do (all the other parents sat passively and did nothing) but at the end I could not bear to watch anymore so I told the kids to cut it out. The kids stopped momentarily, only to start it up again. This time, a few parents from the sidelines spoke up and stopped it altogether. But I think had I not initially stepped in, no one would have done anything.

I find myself in on new ground with this, grappling my own feelings on this as well as how to defend and stick up for N, or how to one day equip N to do it himself the best he can. The whole weekend I was upset, angry, and consumed with helplessness when thinking of the future.

And then God reminded me that N is in His hands, and that He loves my child infinitely more than I do. That brought me comfort, to know that any past, present, and future bullying was given to God. He loves my child. He knows my child. He’s paved a way for my child. N is safe in His hands, no matter what happens. N’s circumstances don’t define him, N is who he is, and God is unchanging.

I whisper these things to myself every moment I feel shaken. God loves my child, God loves my child, God loves my child, God loves my child…

After School Conversations

December 2nd, 2014 by Ruth

Every afternoon when I pick up N from school, we have a routine of talking about our day on the car ride home. I will ask him about how his day was, and he’ll give me his day’s rating (on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being a stupendous day). He’ll even ask me back how my day was, and what I did (progress with the conversational skills!!)

Today I asked him the usual, and he thought hard for a good minute before replying that today was a “2”. Why, I inquire. Did something bad happen today?

He thought hard again, and simple said “because Ariana told Katherine”.

(Ok so obviously that was not even a complete thought or question, and I really didn’t know what to make of that… except to be grateful that he’s finally getting to know his classmates and knows who is who, which is a really big deal for him.)

Later on, at bath time, I tried to make sense of it again. Maybe something happened between Ariana and Katherine? Did they have an argument? Yes, N said. Bingo! I dug deeper. Did the teacher know? (No.) Was this at recess? (No, it was right after Spanish.) Are they still friends? (After a pause, N said he wasn’t sure.)

OK… so the fact that he can sense someone having an argument and picking up on tone and other cues/intention beyond the actual words themselves made me excited. And to be able to evaluate whether it not that would affect their current friendship status… I didn’t even know if he understood what a friendship looks like (last year he certainly didn’t, but that’s a whole other story).

And as I am mulling over these things, N volunteers a bit more. Ariana always tells people what to do, he complained. I burst out laughing because N himself is quite the dictator in his play/interactions with others, but I keep that to myself.